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  Schmaltz…….Greased Purim”

Temple Ner Tamid Purim Shpiel 2019

Lyrics by Rabbi Richard Agler and Cantor Stephanie Shore 

Book by Leon  Rubin

Directed by: Rabbi Richard Perlman. 

The Setting: Shushan High School


King Ahashverosh: 

Astor Harris  Homecoming King/Student Council President . Mark Lubarsky 

Vashti Homecoming Queen # 1 Ryan Hinde

Frenchy: Pink Lady # 1  Danny  Karas 

Marty Marccino  Pink Lady # 2  Jacob Pincus  

Jan Pink Lady # 3 Zach Pincus 


Hey Man! Star Quarterback  Violet & Claire Adler 

Dody Football Player    (TBA) 

Johnny Football Player  <Jenna Butter> 

Potzie Football Player   <Jenna Butter > 

Tony Football Player  <Tyler Pincus>  

Joey Football Player    <Tyler  Pincus>  

Nick Football Player    <Tyler  Pincus>   

Zeresh Haman’s wife:

Zeather  Head Cheerleader Maya Goss  

Esther Homecoming Queen # 2. Karen Norcross 


Coach Mort Chai Coach   Ephram Adler  

Knicky Hey Mans buddy  Callie Robbins  


Mrs. Sherman School Principal Adele Lubarsky 

Blanche  Assistant Principal  Susan Sugerman & Sharon Adler  

Stage hands: Eric Callum -Mandy Goss 

Stage Coordinator Sharon Adler -Alyssa Kischel 

Dance Choreographer: Alyssa Kischel 

Set Design Molly Butter – Beth Hoffman 


Directed by: Rabbi Perlman 

1st. Rehearsal Video

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Video Clip

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