TNT High School Program - 2019/2020

Being Jewish in a modern world

INSTRUCTOR - Rabbi Richard Perlman

The Pew Research Centre’s recent report on Jewish identity is a sobering reality check on Jewish identity and what it means. Although the report is based on American Jews, there are many factors that lend themselves to diaspora Jews in general. We will explore - What does this mean to you. 

From Slavery to the Talmud and beyond

INSTRUCTOR - Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

In this course we will begin at the point where the Israelites became enslaved in Egypt, then rescued by God after the Ten Plagues and their eventual arrival at Mount Sinai where they received the Ten Commandments. We’ll review the Jewish laws, commandments and customs and how the Jewish people communicated with G-d in the desert with sacrifices and prayer up until the destruction of the Temples and the creation of the Talmud.


Visit a Jewish Location

INSTRUCTOR - Rabbi Perlman - Rabbi Horowitz 

Visit Mayyim Hayyim - Living Waters Mikveh-        January 12, 2020 10:30 - Noon     


Visit Levine's Kosher Butcher Shop  - 


 Visit The New England Holocaust Memorial -TBA 

Holocaust Course

INSTRUCTOR  -Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

This course will focus on a personal look at the Holocaust. We will read and discuss Sonia Weitz’s book, “I Promised I Would Tell,” view survivor’s testimonies and watch videos 

Ask The Rabbi

INSTRUCTOR - Rabbi Perlman 

or Rabbi Horowitz 

An opportunity to bring your questions to class. Ask the Rabbi will be led by either Rabbi Perlman or Rabbi Bernie. 

During these sessions, you will set the agenda.  You will have an opportunity to send your questions in advance or just ask away.

Classes held at TNT 6:30 - 7:30 pm

September - October - November

September 10th  Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

September 17th Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

September 24th  Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

October 29th Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

November 5th Rabbi Richard Perlman

November 12th  Rabbi Richard Perlman

November 19th  Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

December - January - February

December 3rd NO CLASS SNOW!! 

Mrs. Ellen Winokur  

December 10th Mrs. Ellen Winokur 

December 17th NO SESSION


   *January 12th * Special Field Trip to the Mikveh  

January 14th Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

January 21st Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

February 4th Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

February 11th Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

February 25th  Rabbi Bernie Horowitz 

March - April - May

March 17th NO CLASS 

March 24th Rabbi Richard Perlman

March 31st Rabbi Richard Perlman



*Sunday, May 3rd. 

The New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston,

May 5th Rabbi Richard Perlman

May 12th Rabbi Richard Perlman

* Special dates and times. 

High School Staff

Rabbi Richard Perlman - Senior Rabbi - TNT


Rabbi Bernie Horowitz - Associate Rabbi - TNT



Mrs. Ellen Winokur


Community Educator 


Susan Sugerman


TNT School Director 

Dr. Jeffrey Newton



Guest Lecturer - Dr. Jeffrey Newton is a pulmonologist in Beverly, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Beverly Hospital. He received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and has been in practice for more than 20 years.